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SkyAvenue Station is a cable car station located in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. It is one of the stations of the Genting Skyway cable car system, which transports passengers from the base of the mountain to the summit, where Genting Highlands is located. SkyAvenue Station is situated within the SkyAvenue Mall, a large shopping and entertainment complex that features a wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions. The station is a popular destination for tourists visiting Genting Highlands, as it offers easy access to the mall and its many offerings. From the station, visitors can take a short walk to the SkyAvenue mall, where they can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment options such as a cinema and a casino. Overall, SkyAvenue Station is a convenient and accessible way to reach the SkyAvenue mall and enjoy all that Genting Highlands has to offer.

Essential Information About SkyAvenue Station

Essential Information About SkyAvenue Station
  • Take a bus or drive to Genting Highlands. The most common route is from Kuala Lumpur, which takes around one hour and thirty minutes by bus or car.
  • Once you reach the base of the mountain, head to the Genting Skyway cable car station. You can take the Genting Express Bus or drive to the station.
  • Purchase a cable car ticket to the SkyAvenue Station. The standard ticket costs around 8 Malaysian Ringgit for a one-way trip and 16 Malaysian Ringgit for a round trip.
  • Board the cable car and enjoy the scenic ride up to the summit. The ride takes around ten minutes.
  • Once you reach the SkyAvenue Station, exit the cable car and walk towards the SkyAvenue mall. The station is located within the mall, so you can easily access all the shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Enjoy your time at the mall and take the cable car back down to the base of the mountain when you're ready to leave.
  • If you're coming from Kuala Lumpur, you can also take the Awana Skyway cable car from Awana Bus Terminal to reach the SkyAvenue Station. This cable car route is slightly shorter than the Genting Skyway and offers different views of the mountain.
  • There are also shuttle buses available from various locations in Malaysia to Genting Highlands. Check with your hotel or travel agency for availability and schedules.
  • It's important to note that during peak season, the cable car and SkyAvenue mall can be crowded. It's best to plan ahead and arrive early to avoid long lines and wait times.
  • The cable car operates from 7:30 am to midnight daily, so plan your visit accordingly. Additionally, the mall and its attractions may have different operating hours, so check ahead to avoid disappointment.

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Know Before You Go

Weather: Genting Highlands has a relatively cool climate, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C throughout the year. If you prefer cooler weather, then the best time to visit is from December to February, when the temperature is usually at its lowest.

Crowds: Genting Highlands is a popular tourist destination, especially during school holidays and weekends. If you want to avoid crowds and long lines at the cable car and SkyAvenue mall, then it's best to visit on weekdays or during off-peak seasons.

Festivals and Events: Genting Highlands hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and the Genting International Jazz Festival. If you're interested in attending any of these events, then plan your visit accordingly.

Activities and Attractions: The SkyAvenue mall offers a wide range of activities and attractions, such as shopping, dining, a cinema, a casino, and an indoor theme park at Genting. If you're interested in specific activities, then check the opening hours and schedules to ensure that they're available during your visit.

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FAQ's of SkyAvenue Station

What are the attractions at SkyAvenue Station?

    SkyAvenue Station is part of the larger SkyAvenue mall, which offers a wide range of attractions and activities. These include shopping at international and local brands, dining at restaurants and cafes, watching movies at the cinema, playing games at the arcade, visiting the Skytropolis indoor theme park, and gambling at the casino.

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