Genting Cable Car History

Timeline and History of Genting Cable Car

Genting Highlands, a popular resort destination in Malaysia, is renowned for its entertainment attractions, luxury hotels, and cool mountain climate. Located approximately 50 kilometres northeast of Kuala Lumpur, it offers a refreshing escape from the city's tropical heat. The resort, developed by the Genting Group, features a casino, theme parks, shopping centres, and many dining options, making it a favoured getaway for both locals and tourists.

The Genting Cable Car, also known as the Awana Skyway, has a rich history dating back to its initial construction in 1975. Talking about the history of Genting Cable Car, it was built to provide a convenient and scenic transportation option for visitors travelling from the foothills to the peak of Genting Highlands. Over the years, the cable car system has undergone several upgrades, with the most recent renovation completed in 2016. This upgrade included the introduction of modern gondolas with glass floors. You can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding rainforest and mountains through these gondolas.

Inception and Construction

The Genting Cable Car, initially constructed in 1975, aimed to offer a convenient and scenic route to Genting Highlands. Officially opened on February 21, 1977, it featured the world's fastest and Southeast Asia's longest cable car system at the time. The project, led by the Genting Group, significantly enhanced accessibility to the resort. The cable car system has since undergone several upgrades, including a major modernization in 2016 with glass floors for a more immersive experience.

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Technical Features

The original Genting Cable Car, launched in 1977, featured a capacity of 1,600 passengers per hour and covered a distance of 3.38 kilometres. In the case of the history of Cable Car Genting, it was renowned for being the world's fastest and Southeast Asia's longest at its inception. The upgraded Awana Skyway, completed in 2016, introduced modern gondolas, including glass-floor options, improving views of the surrounding rainforest. It has a higher capacity now, carrying up to 3,600 passengers per hour over a 2.8-kilometre route.

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Launch and Success

The Genting Cable Car, inaugurated on February 21, 1977, quickly became a vital link to Genting Highlands, enhancing its accessibility and appeal. Its launch marked a significant milestone, making it a scenic and efficient mode of transportation. The cable car's success was immediate, attracting many visitors and boosting the resort's popularity. Its continuous upgrades, including the 2016 transformation to the Awana Skyway, have maintained its status as a key attraction. The cable car currently provides a memorable journey for millions of tourists annually.

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Upgrade and Expansion

The Genting Cable Car has undergone significant upgrades and expansions since its inception. In terms of the history of Cable Car Genting, a major upgrade in 1997 replaced the original system with faster, more efficient gondolas, improving capacity and safety. The most notable expansion occurred in 2016 with the introduction of the Awana Skyway. This upgrade featured state-of-the-art gondolas, including glass-floor options, and increased the system's capacity to 3,600 passengers per hour. 

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Awards and Recognition

The Genting Cable Car has collected numerous awards and recognition for its engineering excellence and service quality. Notably, it received the Malaysia Tourism Awards for Best Man-Made Attraction in 1997 and again in 2016. Its innovative design and seamless operation have been praised internationally, making it a model for other cable car systems. The Awana Skyway has been praised for its advanced technology and visitor experience, setting its status as a premier attraction in Southeast Asia.

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Future Plans

Future plans for the Genting Cable Car focus on further enhancing the experience and sustainability. There are plans to expand the system capacity to accommodate growing tourist numbers and to incorporate more eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems. Also, new scenic routes and interactive features are being considered to offer an even more immersive and memorable journey to Genting Highlands.

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Things to Explore from Genting Cable Car


Located at the upper station of the Genting Cable Car, SkyAvenue Complex is a shopping mall and entertainment complex that features a wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions. It's a great place to grab a bite to eat, do some shopping, or catch a movie.

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Chin Swee Caves Temple

Located just a short distance from the upper station of the cable car, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is a beautiful Buddhist temple with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can explore the temple grounds and take in the tranquil atmosphere.

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Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms

Located near the lower station of the cable car, the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms offer visitors the chance to pick their own strawberries, enjoy a farm-to-table meal, and take part in other fun activities.

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Genting Premium Outlets

The Awana Skyway in Genting is a cable car system that connects the Awana Station to the Genting Premium Outlets. It offers visitors another opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape. where shoppers can indulge in a variety of upscale brands and enjoy a unique shopping experience amidst the cool mountain air.

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FAQ's of Genting Cable Car History

When was the Genting Cable Car first established?

The Genting Cable Car was first established on February 21, 1977. Talking about the history of Cable Car Genting, it was built to provide a convenient and scenic route to Genting Highlands. The system has since become a key attraction, undergoing several upgrades to improve capacity, safety, and experience.

What was the primary motivation behind the construction of the Genting Cable Car?

The primary motivation behind constructing the Genting Cable Car was to enhance accessibility to Genting Highlands, making it easier for visitors to reach the resort. It also aimed to boost tourism and make the mountainous region more attractive and accessible to tourists.

How has the Genting Cable Car evolved over the years in terms of technology and infrastructure?

In terms of the history of Genting Cable Car, it has evolved significantly, with major upgrades in 1997 and 2016. These enhancements introduced faster, more efficient gondolas, including glass-floor options, and increased capacity to 3,600 passengers per hour. Advanced safety features, smart technology integration, and eco-friendly materials have modernized the system to enhance the overall visitor experience. 

Were there any challenges or obstacles faced during the construction or early operation of the Genting Cable Car?

Yes, there were some challenges during the early operation of the Genting Cable Car. Those challenges were related to navigating the mountain region’s rugged terrain and ensuring the safety and reliability of the system. Also, adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds posed challenges to construction efforts and initial operations.

What role has the Genting Cable Car played in the tourism industry of the region?

The Genting Cable Car has played a crucial role in improving the tourism by providing convenient access to Genting Highlands. It has attracted millions of visitors annually and enhanced the overall appeal and accessibility of the resort destination.

Are there any future plans or expansions anticipated for the Genting Cable Car system?

Yes, the Genting Cable Car system plans on future upgrades to enhance visitor experience. It may focus on increasing capacity and introducing new scenic routes to accommodate growing tourist numbers. New attractions can be offered within Genting Highlands for a more immersive experience.


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