SkyAvenue Complex

SkyAvenue Complex is one of the highest mall in Malaysia on the beautiful hilltop Genting Highlands. The complex is sprawling with over 100 outlets of international brands and restaurants. It is also the endpoint of the Awana SkyWay gondola ride, which starts from the Awana Terminal. The Genting SkyAvenue is a vital transit point easily accessible by a gondola ride from the Awana Terminal. The complete route provides a picturesque outlook to the tourist and a chance to witness the ancient Malaysian rainforest with Genting Cable Car Tickets

The complex is usually flooded with shoppers exploring different shopping outlets. The 4-D Trick Art Museum provides fun-filled, family-friendly entertainment shows. Children seeking unique and fun activities can ride a robot at Formula Fun by Kyatchi. SkyAvenue complex allows you to select from 45 local and international dishes varieties. Anyone skeptical about trying out a local flavour can also go for globally acknowledged food chains like Pizza Hut, Subway, and Krispy Kreme. The shopping complex has every universal brand one can think about. One can easily find brands like Montblanc, Omega, Rado, Swarovski, Tissot, etc. And for all the cosmetic lovers, renowned brands like Chanel, Dior, Nars, etc., are available.

Things to do at SkyAvenue Complex

The SkyAvenue complex promises to be a complete package for all tourists. Everything has been planned to provide the best experience to every tourist, from shopping outlets to entertainment stalls. The complex is sprawling with brands of international stature. Everything can be found under one roof: a fashion or lifestyle brand or some out-of-the-league entertainment act. Also, the restaurants serve Malaysian and continental cuisine to satisfy the taste buds of every tourist.

Shopping At Sky Avenue Complex
Enjoy Shopping From Your Favourite Brands

The shopping complex is home to more than 100 international brands. As a result, shoppers get a chance to shop from some of the finest brands worldwide. These outlets have everything ranging from cosmetic products to smartphones. The list of brands at the SkyAvenue Complex is quite long. Premium watch brands like Longines, Montblanc, Rado, Omega, etc., have their fair share of space, along with cosmetic brands like Dior, Chanel, Nars, and others offering some international quality.

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Enjoy a Delicious Meal At Sky Avenue Complex
Enjoy a Delicious Meal

SkyWay complex has a wide variety of local and international dishes. Families can choose from a wide variety of 45 dinner options. Restaurants there prepare Malaysian cuisines, which are worth a bite. Outlets like Malaysian Food Street serve the best Malaysian street food to visitors. Other local favourites like JR Curry House, Palsaik Korean BBQ, etc., are equally filled with guests. International food chains like Subway and Pizza are also available at the complex.

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Entertainment Facilities At Sky Avenue Complex
Enjoy The Entertainment Facilities

After a mesmerising view of the age-old view of the Malaysian rainforest, tourists are in for a big surprise at the complex. The SkyAvenue, Genting has multiple entertainment options, from a unique 4D museum to a robot ride. Families can explore the whole entertainment section for the act which suits them the most because it has something for everyone. Families can visit the 4D trick museum to experience some mind-boggling acts. Also, the robot rides are one of the most fun-filled attractions for kids. All the Jurassic Park fans should feel happy because of the similarly themed Jungle Gym at the premises of the SkyAvenue.

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Entertainment at Sky Avenue Complex

Bona Cinemas at SkyAvenue
Bona Cinemas

Bona Cinemas showcase films in both IMAX and D-BOX technology. The IMAX technology promises to give a 26% clearer view of the film than on a regular screen. The new-age D-BOX technology utilises motion technology and tilts your chair left, right, forward and backward according to the scene of the movie. D-Box gives viewers an enthralling experience, and it will feel like one is living every frame of the film.

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Ripley's Adventure Land in Skyavenue Complex
Ripley’s Adventure Land

Ripley's Adventure Land is the perfect spot for that group if someone thinks they are a daredevil and are not afraid of anything. It’s one of the most adventurous spots on the Level 4 of the SkyAvenue complex. It also has a haunted house named Zombie Outbreak, the scariest part of the adventure land. The adventure land is full of unique attractions for the people to enjoy and keep their adrenaline juices going. The prime attraction of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Auditorium, which is home to unique and weird interactive attractions.

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Jungle Gym at SkyAvenue Complex Genting
Jungle Gym

Children's favourites are children's favourites: slides, rides, and a collection of fun-filled activities. So the kids can enjoy, have fun and make some unforgettable memories. Children will have their best time at Jungle Gym while playing with the slides & rides. Other fun activities include crawling tunnels, trampolines, air guns, and activity boards available at the Jungle Gym will keep toddlers engaged for a reasonable amount of time. It is the best place for a family to visit the SkyAvenue in Genting with their children. Also, Jungle Gym is open at Level 4, SkyAvenue Complex.

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Know Before You Go To SkyAvenue Complex

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information About SkyAvenue Malaysia
  • Location: The SkyAvenue complex is located in the lap of the great hilltop of the Genting Highlands of Penang, Malaysia.People can refer to the address mentioned below for the exact location. Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

  • Timings: The SkyAvenue complex is open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day. Therefore, visitors need at least 2 to 3 hours for complete exploration.

  • Best Time: The best time to visit the SkyAvenue complex is between March and September because of the mildest weather conditions.

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FAQs For Sky Avenue Complex

Are there any pubs & bars in the SkyAvenue Complex?

    There are multiple bars and pubs at the SkyAvenue complex. Some of the famous ones which tourists prefer are :

    1. Empire

    2. Fuhu

    3. Park Avenue Lounge

    4. Powerplant

    5. Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre

    6. Rockefellers Kitchen + Bar and WOW

    7. Redtail karaoke8. Shibui Yakitori Bar

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